Africann Medical Profile Rory

Rory is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in business management, the IT industry and media. Through the globally recognised Cann10 Cannabis Leadership Program, he was trained directly by many of the world’s leading scientific researchers, legal practitioners, horticulturalists and entrepreneurs on the commercial, scientific, cultural, historical, legal, and agricultural elements of this ever-evolving industry. For the last 14 years he has been focused on continually expanding his extensive knowledge base on the cannabis species, its sub variants, medicinal value and the global emergence of the industry.

His personal networks are extensive and influential and include strong links to local and international government bodies, lobby groups, and key industry stakeholders who are shaping legislation in favour of cannabis production for both social and economic benefit.

Rory commands expert-level knowledge in all manners of cannabis cultivation and is able to ensure crop rotations produce maximal medicinal value. He is deeply educated on ethical, effective, and efficient methods of chemical extraction, greenhouse and broadacre environmental security, scalability, regulation, and encryption to ensure secure operationality and seamless peak production.

Inspired by his own father’s battle with cancer, Rory has made it his life mission to ensure that all people and cultures around the world are able to access and further research cannabis’ medical benefits and applications for a better future and a better quality of life.