Our Company Values


AfriCann’s business management team is a partnership between two entrepreneurs, from Australia and Zimbabwe. With our combined expertise and professional relationships, we are enabled to rapidly increase the scale of our business export and research model in response to demand from the international market. (global market)

By securing partnerships with some of the world’s top cannabis manufacturers, we have the capabilities and accessibility to cultivate and export high grade CBD oil and medicinal cannabis products to markets worldwide. Through export, we’ll also be able to increase GDP for nations we collaborate with, thereby stimulating the economy and providing more job opportunities.

We are supported by a team of experts who have extensive knowledge on the cannabis sativa species, as well as it’s sub variants. Our team has conducted research over the past 14 years to increase their understanding on effective propagation techniques, the evolution of CBD cannabis and other genetic and strain variants for medicinal properties, and the viability of medicinal cannabis as a business enterprise.

As a company we are focused on continuing to increase our knowledge and understanding of the medicinal properties of CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes to achieve our business mission, to increase education and employment opportunities in African nations and allow all people worldwide access to this valuable medicine and further research it is medicinal benefits.

Backed by our team of medical cannabis experts, we have a thorough understanding of the most effective ways to cultivate CBD cannabis for a broad scope of medicinal applications. We have also maintained an in-depth and evolving understanding of the most efficient techniques and set-up for CBD and other cannabinoid oil extraction.

With our extensive knowledge on cultivating high CBD cannabis and other sub-variants and strains throughout the plants' life cycle, we can expertly manage large crops to get the highest yield per hectare in production. We also have experience in the commercial operation of greenhouse environments, as well as access to more staff and resources as demand increases to grow worldwide. In conjunction with this, we understand how the greenhouse environment must be kept secure, scalable and regulated for medicinal production.

By having the logistical and business framework in place, combined with a detailed understanding of the cultivation, research and production of CBD oil and related products for a worldwide export market, we have the knowledge and capabilities to be able to become a leading supplier and researcher of regulated cannabis products with the help of investor support.